i’m so excited for the maze runner movie but like I actually only really loved the first book so idk what if there are gonna be more movies, i’m not ready for that 


Cillian Murphy by Rich Gilligan for Cara magazine, outtakes (X)

joharvelless: vampire academy

  • Push off a cliff: Dimitri (he would probably survive it anyway so)
  • Frick frack: Christian Ozera
  • Marry: Eddie Castile
  • Set on fire: Victor Dashkov
  • Wrap a blanket around: Adrian Ivashkov
  • Be roommates with: Sydney Sage
Yeah, everything’s been really great right now,” Johansson says. “It’s been a good time. I’ve had peace. Relative peace. I just want to work on things that are really hard, and when I’m not working on things that are really hard, I want to hang out with people I like to be with, and that’s it.

“teen wolf is a show where homosexuality is not a problem’ lmao it may not be a problem but they always use the stereotypes for it ???? I mean Danny was in love with Jackson (or that’s at least how I remember it, it has been so long) and then Ethan was kind of one of those tough boys who first deny their sexuality but then can’t anymore because they love someone so much (don’t forget the good/bad twin thing where the bad isn’t that bad after all etc etc). I don’t mind that there isn’t a lesbian (though it would be so great but i’m pretty sure that they would ruin her anyway), I prefer a better written Danny then suddenly 5 gay characters who are just there because well they are gay

yeah crystal was a good actress, i think that some of them can do better but that the script won’t let them :(

(daniel is gonna be on the originals so i have to catch up with that show too, idk how many badly written shows i can handle)

I think that Allison/Kira/Lydia/Kate/Malia etc (read: all female characters) are actually so similar in a way because all that they are here for it seems is for a love interests or something that has to do with love (allison/kira/scott, malia/lydia/stiles, kate/derek) and I mean they can all be pretty cool but I’m sure that if there’s a new girl in town one of them has to die sigh Yeah lydia/peter is disgusting (even when he was this young dude it was so weird like wtf), I also don’t understand lydia sometimes because it feels like how she’s written just doesn’t make sense sometimes??? there are really scenes that I’m like ‘what, the lydia from 2 episodes before would never do that’

true stiles is probably gonna break up with malia at a point where all evil is in town and then something really bad happens to her and he feels guilty etc etc

oh god yes indeed also what happened to danny i can’t remember like i’m pretty sure he didn’t die so?????????

and liam just reminds me of a young derek tbh!