Asoiaf Daemon AU: The Starks. Part 2.
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i am attracted to all versions of chris evans but i cannot decide which one is hotter??? he’s just so good looking??

closely shaved head and dark bearded evans?? extremely cleanshaven blonde steve rogers evans?? young and freckly evans? scruff with hipster glasses evans??? normal brown hair and full beard evans?? 

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Football Challenge[1] Club

Can Manchester United score? They always score.

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There Are No Things Here - Alexis Vasilikos

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backstage at gareth pugh fw14

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no matter what i say, you’re coming back aren’t you?

                         i  m a d e  a   p r o m i s e

i:how did you know that wasn’t me?
a: because he didn’t say  l e f t enant.
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i totally forgot that sleepy hollow is back iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih

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Aren’t you afraid I might kill you in your sleep some night, if you don’t know who I am?
-I’ll die a happy man.

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